About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. Greg Signall founded Green Rock Remodeling, LLC in 2008. He was raised in the Lake Highlands community of Dallas. He is a faithful Catholic, a family man, an Army veteran, and after seven proud years as a public school educator, he discovered an unexpected passion for home renovations and remodeling. Construction is expensive and can be stressful. With over ten years of experience shepherding projects, Green Rock Remodeling, LLC has established itself in the construction services industry by making homes and the people inside them better.

Customer service is of utmost importance to us and we ensure there is a high level of communication with our clients throughout every step of the process. We form a partnership with our clients from the very beginning. We provide best-in-class estimates and timelines and keep in constant contact with our clients throughout the entire process.


We are here to work with you to bring your vision to reality. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Mahogany Kitchen

"This crew was one of the most professional I have ever seen, and they did excellent work."